Thursday, July 24, 2014

Ladybug Quilt

My four year old and I were shopping and she came across some ladybug fabric.  She wanted to buy it.  I asked her what we could use it for and she said a quilt.  I hadn't really planned to make her a new quilt, but do know there aren't enough quilts to go around on chilly evenings.  We looked around for coordinating fabrics and found a couple on the Christmas Clearance tables.  Finally I found the flowered print and felt that pulled everything together.  I bought enough for a back and for the blocks.

It did take me some time to decide how I wanted to make the blocks.  Finally I decided on wonky blocks and loosely followed this tutorial.

I started with 13" squares of the 5 different prints.  I made four cuts.  After shifting and sewing back together, it yielded 10.5" blocks.

After I got the blocks together, the quilt was too small.  Finally, with my guild members input, added the white sashing and a wonky outside border.

For the wonky border, I used 13" x 5.5" rectangle, layered 5 fabrics, then cut in half lengthwise.  The border is probably my favorite part.

Another decision which seemed hard at the time was how to quilt it.  I wanted to challenge myself to try something different.  I opted to make large free motion flowers with white thread.  It worked fairly well, but it's certainly not perfect.  

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