Sunday, February 16, 2014

Gluten Free Cake Balls

For Valentine's week, I had thought I might make some cake balls for the teachers at my daughter's school.  Instead I had a sick kid and others signed up first.

On the weekend was a pot luck sledding party.  Cake balls it was!  I learned that a gluten free option might be welcome.  After perusing the cake mixes at Wegmans, I went with Glutino's Decadent Chocolate Cake.  The recipe itself called for yogurt as one of the add ins, my kind of recipe.  It also called for butter, eggs and vanilla.  I decided to use coconut oil instead of butter.

The cake came out nicely, but seemed a bit drier than what I usually do.

After the cake cooled, I crumbled it up into a bowl and added softened Neufchatel style low fat cream cheese.  I added a bit at a time and ended up with probably 6oz of the 8oz bar.

While rolling the cake balls, I noted they didn't seem as smooth as usual either.  After putting them in the freezer while the chocolate wafers melted, I dipped each in the chocolate.  They appeared a bit smoother.  Drizzling another color on top always gives such a nice presentation and hides many imperfections.  The pink seemed a little thick, so I added some of the leftover white wafers which helped.

Even though this mix yielded a square 8"x8" cake, it still make tons of cake balls!  I didn't count, but it was more than I expected from a smaller pan, I may have rolled slightly smaller balls too.

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