Saturday, June 8, 2013

Hand print blocks done!

handprintI'm happy to report that all 20 handprint blocks are framed and ready to be sewn together.

The two missing kids were back at school and I was able to get their prints. I did run into the teacher on my way out, but I don't think she saw anything. 

The pieced back is done as well.  It has the school themed fabric, blocks of the bright green and bright blue along with some leftover stripes.

This progress puts me in great shape heading into the weekend for quilting and binding.  It appears I have enough scraps for a pieced binding. I will have to lay it out and see if I like the way it looks. 

My youngest has been super patient for all this sewing. She recently began using the machine herself, here she is taking a turn on a scrap. What's nice about many young sewers I've seen is that they sew slowly and cautiously.  The iPad helps too when it's not her turn to sew.

The tools and scraps that made it all happen.  For each block, I just kept adding strips until it was the right size.  I tried to plan out colors to some degree to keep everything balanced.

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