Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Unicycle Ornaments

Well this I didn't make, but I did help design it. I was looking for gifts for my unicyclists. Each search usually comes up with bicycle. So I was paging through some bicycle gift items at Etsy and thought to ask an artist if they would be interested in designing a unicycle instead.

I picked Heather Boyd because she creates wire sculptures and offers a bunch of different bicycles. She and her husband both were very happy to work with me. I actually noticed the "runner" sculpture and thought that would look neat on a unicycle. I did request too that the tire be knobby, if possible and to have spokes.

I was amazed to see my descriptions from an email come to life. After seeing the first design, I suggested a few minor changes and also asked if a smaller version could be made for my daughter.

I was so happy with the results and pleased with the process too. Thanks to Heather we have not one, but two unicycle ornaments to hang on our tree.

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